The unique chemical and physical properties of nanoscale materials have triggered huge scientific interest to explore their real-life applications in diverse fields including biomedical sciences, renewable energy technologies, industry, environment, optics and electronics etc. While a significant range of nanotech-based products are now already in the market, there are still serious challenges to be addressed in order to make the best and the safest use of this exciting and emerging technology. The challenges include the achievement of perfect control over the size, shape, surface chemistry, and the self-assembly of nanoscale materials, and to understand the origin of their unique chemical and physical properties for grasping their properties in a more predictive manner. Understanding the nature of interaction of nanoscale materials with biological systems is yet another serious undertaking, which can clarify the benefits against the backdrop of potential threats due to their toxicity. The objective of this conference is, therefore, to highlight the advancements in understanding the fundamental nature of man-made nanoscale materials, their synthesis and self-assembly to produce functional materials with tunable chemical and physical properties and their potential applications to impact knowledge-based economy.

The major focus of ICONN-2019 will be to highlight the important developments made in nanomaterials research and more importantly to discuss their potential applications and the challenges associated with their large-scale production and commercialization. This conference is expected to draw participants from academia and industry and offer them an opportunity to interact with some of the leading national and foreign experts in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology. It will also provide ample opportunity to the young researchers, especially the students and young academics, to develop collaboration with the leading research groups that may enrich their professional network to devise new ideas and navigate exciting avenues in the vibrant and multi-disciplinary field of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology.

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