1. Each vertical poster must measure 3 feet high x 2 feet wide (including margins).
  2. All posters should feature a title, names of all contributors and their affiliation and an email address of the corresponding author. The name of presenter should be underlined.
  3. The Text/Figures/Schemes should be clear and readable from a distance, ~ 4 feet (1.2 m) away from the poster.
  4. Make illustrations simple and bold, with captions at least 28 Font size. Enlarge photos, tables, and charts to show pertinent details clearly.
  5. Present only enough data to support your conclusions avoiding unnecessary research history. The best posters display a succinct statement of major conclusions at the beginning, followed by supporting material and a brief summary at the end.
  6. You can use any graphical tool/software/color combination that can enhance the visual attraction/appeal to your poster. However, keep in mind that simplicity, ease of reading, quality of presentation etc., are more important than artistic flair.
  7. Displayed materials should be self-explanatory, freeing you for further explanations/discussion.